Do you want to really experience the unusual and unprecedented spleskk adrenaline? Here turn the world upside down, trying Zorbing.
Modern Zorbas - precision engineering design, consisting of two spheres made of polypropylene.
inside a large sphere diameter of 3.2 meters is a small sphere diameter of 2 meters are connected slings, and the space between them pumped air.
Passenger securely anchored using a special suspension inside the chamber - that ensures absolute safety.
duration of a slope of 30-40 seconds, during which time the bullet has about 12 turns. It
brave travelers hydro-downs (a small sphere pour 30-40 liters of water zorber can be both fixed and sliding inside the ball) descents on different paths and new - Zorba drawn behind a boat lake surface.
Zorbing - is both a flight and the feeling of weightlessness and free fall.